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Immunity for the community! Disease is powered by inflammation. By including anti-inflammatories in your diet, you are able to fight the symptoms of inflammation. Also you can use these anti-inflammatories prevent inflammation from occurring. Your health should be proactive and therefore the regular consumption of ingredients that fight inflammation should be a consistent in your diet. Consequently, we make this easy by offering lots of delicious juices with anti-inflammatories!

Natural Anti-inflammatories

We include numerous anti-inflammatories in our juices, some of the most notable include ginger (gingerol), turmeric (curcumin), broccoli (sulforaphane), and spirulina (beta-carotene). Each of these ingredients have a reputation for easing inflammation inside the body. This means you are allowing your body to protect itself from numerous diseases such as heart disease, arthritis, cancer, obesity, common colds, or any other disease that can be caused by or promoted by inflammation. A build up of inflammation in your body, makes you more susceptible to pathogens. By consuming an anti-inflammatory, such as ginger, regularly, you can deny these pathogens the opportunity to cause your body harm. Furthermore, some other benefits of a diet rich in these ingredients include improved metabolism, strengthened liver, and healthier digestion.

Where can I find?

You can find these powerful anti-inflammatories in our Tantra, Mantra, Prana, Zen, Navai, Shauca, Immunity Smoothie, Vitality Smoothie, Turmeric Shot, Ginger Shot, and our Broccoli Shot! Check out our Shop section to fight inflammation now!