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Ever wonder where we get all the ingredients for our juices? It can be tough to find sources that value fresh, organic produce as much as we do. E3Live is one of our sources that upholds the highest standards of quality for their produce. E3Live provides Portland Juice with one of our favorite ingredients, spirulina.


Spirulina (also know by its scientific name Aphanizomenon flos-aquae or AFA) is an algae that holds many health benefits. Studies have shown that spirulina may encourage healthy joints, energy, endurance and the easing of inflammation after exercise. E3Live harvests their spirulina and algae products from Klamath Lake (located in Southwestern Oregon). Klamath Lake is an excellent harvesting site because it is mineral rich and free of harmful bacteria, pesticides, and insecticides. Also, E3Live only harvests a small portion of the over 14 million pounds of algae accessible at harvest. As a result, they ensure that there is little to no effect on the functionality of the ecosystem or carbon footprint. E3Live is certified organic just like us! They maintain this certification by ensuring that both the products and processing facilities are held to strict standards defined by the Oregon Tilth.

You can find spirulina in our Vitality Smoothie or the Navai.

E3Live Mission

E3Live’s mission is to create a collective awareness about Mother Nature’s most life giving nutrient AFA, and to share this resource with the world. Their vision is to act as a steward of the Earth, and a humble caretaker of the precious gifts of Mother Nature. E3Live aspires to empower and educate those seeking whole-body protection from disease. They also fuel the inspiration to lead a pro-actively healthy lifestyle.