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Emergency Personnel Care Packages

What is it?

We started the Emergency Personnel Care Package program to work with our customers to “donate” juices to emergency facilities around Portland. Our juices are an unpasteurized product and there are certain laws preventing us from simply donating juices ourselves. So in order to work around these limitations we started the Emergency Personnel Care Packages!

How does it work?

Essentially, you can add whatever juices you want to donate to the cart, and purchase them at only half price while we pay for the other half of the donation and delivery. You can choose the destination for this donation during the checkout process. We can only deliver to the locations on the provided list and not to individual homes. We have a list of locations that we are in contact with and are able to safely deliver to. These locations range from hospitals to fire stations. The juices are delivered to the facility for all of the personnel on duty to enjoy and to know that their effort is appreciated! During the checkout process you will select if your juices are to be donated or are for yourself. If you’d like them to be donated just select “yes” and a 50% discount will be applied.

What if I don’t see the facility I want to donate to?

Don’t see the location you’d like to donate to? That’s because we haven’t delivered to them yet. We recommend reaching out to us by emailing at [email protected] with your suggestions. It will help us if you provide the name of the building, the address, contact information for that facility, and any other relevant information. We will do our best to try to verify the information and get in contact with their staff. Also, this allows us to find a safe route and drop off location for our delivery driver. We do not want to endanger the health of our staff or of the emergency facility.

If you have any questions about our Emergency Personnel Care Packages, give us a call or use the chat on our website.