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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your juices vegan / gluten free?

All of our cold pressed juice, nut mylks, smoothies and wellness shots are gluten free, dairy free, and GMO free. A few of our juices do include bee pollen or local raw honey, so they are not a vegan option. There are no other animal products in our juices.

Is your juice organic?

Yes! We are the only organic certified juice company in Portland. Also, we are certified organic by both the USDA and Oregon Tilth. While many juice companies may claim to be 100% organic, this cannot be guaranteed without the certification that we have!

How long do these juices last?

Our juices have a shelf life of 5 days once pressed. Consequently, we do not recommend ordering more than 4 days of juice at one time.

How often do you make juice?

We juice every day of the week except for Wednesday and Saturday. This also means if you order juice to be delivered Thursday or Sunday it will have been made 2 days before.

How often do you deliver?

We deliver every day of the week.

Can I place an order to pick up at your store?

Yes! When checking out there will be an option to place an order for pick up instead of delivery.

Do you ship your juices?

Because our products are unpasteurized, we are unable to ship juices at this time. However, we do offer delivery within the Portland metro area.

What are the Emergency Personnel Care Packages?

We created the care package option as a way for people to support emergency workers during the COVID-19 crisis. We are offering to split the cost of the juice with you and deliver the juice to the hospital, police station, or fire station of your choosing. All of our available locations have been vetted so we are able to ensure that our delivery driver can enter the building safely and quickly. The juices will be shared among staff but this means the juices cannot be designated for a specific person but you are welcome to leave a note requesting they be sent to a specific department. To clarify, we will not deliver these juices to your home.

How can I make sure that I get the freshest juice?

To ensure that you are receiving the freshest juices, we recommend ordering 3 days in advance, especially for cleanses or other large orders. If you place an order for next day delivery your package will not be guaranteed the freshest juice possible, including some that may have been pressed 2 days prior. You will never receive expiring juice, but late/next day orders aren’t guaranteed our freshest juice.

Do you offer same day delivery?

Yes! We have recently started to offer same day and ASAP delivery for orders placed before 4pm. When you are checking out there will be an option to select your delivery date in the “Review Order” section. Just choose today as your date and we will get your juice to you as soon as we can!
Please note this can sometimes take up to six hours.

“I’d like to buy a 3 day cleanse today”

It can be a challenge to have enough juice in stock at any given time to support purchasing cleanses with no notice. You are always welcome to come into the store and see if we have enough but it is not a guarantee that we can offer you full cleanses of fresh juice. For cleanses we recommend ordering 3 days in advance.

Why are your juices unpasteurized?

Our juices are cold-pressed and bottled raw in order to preserve and maximize the nutritional value and enzyme viability of the juice. If you have hesitance about consuming unpasteurized juice due to health reasons, please reach out to your doctor for advice.

Why can’t I find Portland Juice Co. products in stores?

As mentioned above, our juices are unpasteurized which also gives them a fragile shelf life. We have chosen not to compromise the integrity of our product by opting not to artificially extend our shelf life. This means you can only find our cold pressed juice in our store, on our website, and at select farmers markets around Portland.

What health and hygiene procedures have you implemented to ensure your guests safety during COVID-19?

Our retail staff disinfects all surfaces and door handles between each guest. We are no longer sampling our juices and only allow one customer/group in at a time. All staff take their temperature before their shift and during their shift they wear gloves and masks.

Why do you use plastic bottles?

Our bottles are #1 PET plastic and BPA free. We are hoping to make the switch back to glass bottles soon!

How do your subscriptions work?

If you are regularly wanting juice from us, you can set up a subscription to receive juice daily, weekly, or monthly! This offers a lot of convenience, not having to place multiple orders consistently. It also guarantees that you receive the freshest juice.

Can I earn points for my online orders?

Unfortunately no. Our online system and in store system do not overlap. We do offer free delivery within a 15 mile radius of our store on orders over $25 though!

What farmers markets can I find you at?

On Saturdays you can find us at the PSU, Hollywood, Beaverton, and Lake Oswego farmers market. On Sunday, we are at Hillsdale and the Orenco Station Hillsboro farmers market.

Why do you make snacks?

Our crackers are dehydrated at 115° F meaning that they retain their raw status. They are made from the leftover pulp of our juices! As a result, they help us maintain our dedication to sustainability by minimizing our waste and they are packed with fiber. These crackers also go great with a juice cleanse because they are raw, they will not upset your digestive system, leaving your juice cleanse results fully in tact.

What is Stellar Pop?

Stellar Pop is our sister company that makes certified organic popsicles. They share our belief that healthy treats can be delicious!