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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your juices vegan / gluten free/ dairy free?

All of our cold pressed juice, nut mylks, smoothies and wellness shots are gluten free, dairy free, and GMO free. A few of our juices do include bee pollen or local raw honey, so they are not a vegan option. There are no other animal products in our juices.

What kind of cleanses do you offer?

Portland Juice Co. offers a variety of cleanses, ranging from 1 day and upward.
You have the option of doing a totally food-free cleanse, consisting of 6 juices a day for however many days you choose. Otherwise, you can opt to do a 4 juices per day cleanse, which allows for one raw food meal of your choice. The typical juice cleanse length is 3 days.

How soon can I get my cleanse?

All online preorders have a 36 hour turnaround. This allows for prep time and for us to juice everything fresh for your order. You are welcome to stop by either of our in-store locations and build a cleanse from what we have on hand, but you risk the chance of getting juices that are already a couple of days old. Since the shelf life of our juice is only 5 days, the best option for maximum effectiveness is to preorder fresh juices for your cleanse.

What is the protocol for cleanses over 3 days?

Due to the delicate shelf life of our cold pressed juice, we recommend that you only keep up to 3 days worth at home, and then restock a day before you need the next round. If you select a longer cleanse with delivery, the 2 separate delivery days are included in the price.

How often should I cleanse?

We see most of our business after the holidays or right before summer. For example, after an indulgent period, or in preparation of some vacation time. More avid cleansers swear by cleansing once per season, or every 3 months. Always consult with your doctor if you are planning to do a cleanse following surgery or any other major operation, as a compromised immune system may lead to serious health risks.

When and where can I pick up my cleanse?

For the freshest juice possible, plan to pick up your order in the afternoon on a juicing day. If you select a morning pickup or delivery, your juices will have been made the day prior. All orders scheduled for pick up at our Firebrand location are delivered from our Press location by 9AM every morning. All other orders can picked up at our Press location on Powell Blvd.

Do you ship your juices?

Because our products are unpasteurized, we are unable to ship juices at this time. However, we do offer delivery within the Portland metro area.

Do you sell bulk juices or offer bulk discounts?

We are licensed for wholesale purchases. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us about specific ingredients or amounts. We have a rewards program through Square that tracks your points for purchases once you have made an account. Join our mailing list as well to be updated on other discount offers and deals.

Can I return my juice bottles to your locations? Are they recyclable?

All of our juice bottles are BPA free and easily repurposed. Unfortunately, we do not take bottle returns. However, our bottles are accepted by Portland Disposal as part of the recycling bin.