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How to Cleanse


The more prepared your body is for the cleanse, the easier it will be. How should you prepare though? We highly recommend modifying your diet the week before your cleanse so it’s less of a shock to your system.

Plan to phase out the following digestion-sensitive items:

Dairy > animal-based milks, cheese
Meat > any other animal products
Packaged and processed foods > ready-made foods, fried items
Gluten > bread, pasta, pizza dough
Added Sugars > soda, candy, anything with added sweeteners
Alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine

Removing these from your diet will both aid in the overall cleansing process and help introduce your body to living without these items.

The goal of the days before your cleanse is to prepare your body for the detoxification process, so the simpler and more wholesome foods the better. You can do this by incorporating some of our juices and snacks into your diet the couple days before you start cleansing

Most importantly, don’t stress!

We are all busy people and sometimes you can’t control what life sends your way. This cleanse is ultimately about listening to your body and giving it some space to detoxify and relax. Remember we are all different. For those of you who like to know what you’re getting into, we have tips on what to expect.


The first question we get from anyone looking to cleanse is if they will be hungry all the time. The answer: no!

Our juices contain a variety of fruits and veggies, and are surprisingly filling. When you drink a fresh-pressed raw juice and flood your body with nutrients and enzymes, it is nutritionally satisfying to your body. If you feed your cells with the nutrients it needs, your cravings for less healthy foods will disappear and your body will burn fat. To help you get the most out of your cleanse we have provided the following tips:

  • Take It Easy
    • While exercise is an important aspect of health, a juice cleanse is not the time to bump up your cardio routine. Take this opportunity to try some more easy-going exercises such as yoga, walking, or tai chi.
  • Hydrate
    • This will help your body flush out all the nasty stuff you have inside and further the detoxification process. An 8oz glass of water between each juice is recommended to continue the feeling of fullness throughout the day.
  • Listen to Your Body
    • If you need to rest, do so. If you need to eat some solid food, that’s ok! However, if your body is telling you that it needs solid food, we recommend being conscious of what you decide to eat. We recommend grabbing a bag of our dehydrated snacks if you need something solid while cleansing. They are almost raw and full of fiber meaning that they will fill you up without compromising the effects of your cleanse.
  • Stay on Schedule
    • An important aspect of your cleanse will be the time frame in which you drink all your juices.  You should ideally drink all of your juices in a 10 hour period which leads you to drink a juice about every 2 hours. By limiting the amount of time your body is spending digesting, that will give it even more much needed time off!
  • Order of consumption
    • Based on customer feedback and experiences, these are the following orders that we recommend you enjoy your cleanse: 
      • Reboot Cleanse: Ginger Shot, Dharma, Guru, Kasa, Mantra, Prana, Om
      • Relief Cleanse: Turmeric Shot, Dharma, Navai, Zen, Tantra, Prana, Mudra
      • Refuel Cleanse: Broccoli Shot, Energy Smoothie, Shanti, Guru, Mantra, Dharma, Bala
      • Refine Cleanse: Aloe Shot, Celery, Guru, Kasa, Tantra, Prana, Maya
      • Classic Cleanse: Ginger Shot, Celery, Guru, Prana, Tantra, Dharma, a portion of broth (~10 oz)
      • Power Cleanse: Turmeric Shot, Kasa, Navai, Prana, Mantra, Dharma, a portion of broth (~10 oz)


The days following the cleanse are equally as important as the days prior. Your body has just transformed at the cellular level, and you need to continue to eat simple and enjoy natural, wholesome, fresh, and organic foods.

Days 1-2

Low density foods, high in water content will be most comfortable for your body.

— Fruits such as melon, papaya, or citrus
— Vegetables such as cucumber, celery
— Low sodium vegetable broth
— Herbal or green tea

Days 3-4

Start introducing more fibrous foods back into your diet. 

— Softer fruits
— Raw or steamed non-starchy vegetables: tomatoes, bell peppers, leafy greens
— Mixed greens salad with non-starchy toppings, dressed with lemon juice or apple cider vinegar

Days 5-7

You should be ready to have some heavier meals again. You may find yourself no longer craving fatty foods or sugary items. Cleanses are not set up to limit yourself, but allow for the space to listen to your body. The more we understand our bodies the better we will be able to provide them the nourishment they need, and avoid the things they don’t.

— Lightly cooked starchy vegetables: broccoli, squash, sweet potatoes, yams, carrots
— Whole grains: quinoa, brown rice, barley
— Lighter proteins: steamed fish, boiled eggs

Congratulations! You have finished your cleanse!