Prana Juice

The Prana is made with kale, collard greens, cucumber, cilantro, lemon, and ginger. This savory juice packs in over four servings of greens. We source our ingredients locally and the final juice is raw and unpasteurized. This means that we do not use the HPP method.


1/4 lb of kale per bottle

This power green can do so much for you and your body! Kale is great for fighting cancer, protecting against heart disease, improving arthritis conditions, slowing the aging processencouraging beautiful skin, and increasing male potency. Kale is an excellent source of beta-carotene, sulfur, vitamin C, and the trace mineral selenium. It is also a good source of bone-building calcium and magnesium.


1/4 lb of collard greens per bottle

Collard Greens are the only other vegetable besides Kale to have a score of 1,000 on the Aggregate Nutrient Density Index. These greens lower cholesterol and may even help prevent cancer. They fight inflammation and are high in antioxidants. Collard greens also support the cardiovascular and digestive systems. During the summer we get to source 100% of our collard greens from Fiddlehead Farms in Corbett, OR! Learn more about Fiddlehead Farms on Our Farmers page.


1 cucumber per bottle

Cucumber cleanses the body from the inside out. Its compounds help remove accumulated pockets of waste materials and toxins. Additionally, they are low in calories and a great source of B vitamins. Cucumbers are also very hydrating, aiding the body in detoxification. They even have the potential to combat diabetes and are powerful antioxidants as well.


1/8 lb of cilantro per bottle

This herb is used in many different systems of medicine in traditional remedies and treatments. And it’s easy to see why. Cilantro contains antioxidants, and is a natural cleansing agent. It helps clear heavy metals from the body. Cilantro is also an antimicrobial. It cleanses toxins out of the body and promotes healthy digestion. All while benefiting the body’s natural state of homeostasis.


1 lemon per bottle

Lemons are super high in vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant which strengthens the immune system. They are also a natural antiseptic, so they clear bad bacteria out of the body. Lemons have an alkalizing effect on the body as well. They stimulate the digestive system and purify toxins in the liver.


1 ounce of fresh, cold-pressed ginger juice per bottle

Ginger gives this juice an extra kick!  It is known to help relieve nausea and reduce muscle pain. Ginger is also great for those with IBS or diabetes because it kick starts metabolism and can balance out sugar levels. In addition to reducing cholesterol, ginger lowers the risk of blood clots. As an ancient remedy, ginger was popular as a boost for the immune system. Now, studies show ginger is a strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. As a result, it allows your body to protect itself from a number of diseases. For example, heart disease, cancer, arthritis, and Alzheimer’s. Additionally, ginger acts as an aide in digestion and circulation.