Benefits of raw juice cleanse

Organic Certification

Portland Juice Co. is proud to be the first officially certified organic juice company in Portland! Other juice companies may claim to be serving you organic products, but they are not held to any legal standards beyond food safety. We believe that organic is more than just a label, it is a lifestyle choice. Recognizing the detrimental impacts of genetically modified foods and pesticides is our responsibility. Doing what we can to provide a healthy and bright future for everyone is our philosophy.

What are the benefits of organic products?

Organic farming aims to preserve soil and ecosystem health by forgoing heavy use of artificial fertilizers and pesticides. Organically cultivated crops display higher levels of vitamins and antioxidant activity. Conventional crops have higher levels of the toxic metal cadmium, and are four-times more likely to contain detectable pesticide residues. On the other hand, studies show regular consumption of organic produce is associated with lower pesticide excretion rates compared to conventional products.

Pesticides can contain chemicals which are proven to cause cancer and neurological defects. Exposure to these chemicals present a greater risk of diseases such as Parkinson’s, type 2 diabetes, and types of cancers such as non-Hodgkin lymphoma. In addition, mother’s exposure to pesticides during pregnancy show a higher risk of childhood leukemia and lymphoma. Children with pesticide exposure exhibit adverse and long-lasting effects on growth, brain function, and sexual development.

What steps do we take to ensure quality?

First and foremost is our dedication to local farmers. Ensuring local economic growth and supporting small businesses are at the root of sustainability. We source the majority of our ingredients from locations right here in the Pacific Northwest.

Secondly, we only use cleaning products approved by the USDA when washing our produce. This means no harsh chemicals or toxic additives ever touching the product. Additionally, we implement strict food handling and cleanliness standards for all of our staff.

Lastly, our cold pressed juicing and bottling system allows for minimal time between production and refrigeration. This ensures the living enzymes stay intact and the product temperature is always within food safety zones.