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Aloe Shot


Ingredients: Aloe Vera*, Lime* (*=Organic)

This wellness shot is a summer essential. Organic aloe vera and lime are the only ingredients. We pack all that aloe vera has to offer into this 2 oz shot.


Aloe vera can play a crucial role in alkalizing an acidic atmosphere. When your body has a pH that is too acidic, you become vulnerable to disease and infection. This aloe and lime shot can help your body maintain a balanced pH. We use raw aloe stalks to make our shots, not from any processed powders or gels, keeping the enzymes fully intact. Additionally, the alkaloids and essential oils in lime protect against heart, liver, bone, and urinary diseases. Our Navai juice offers similar effects.

Healthy Skin

While aloe vera is commonly used topically to promote healthy skin, it can also have positive effects when ingested orally. Consuming aloe supports the binding of moisture to your skin. This allows your skin to be more elastic, prevent wrinkling, and soothe any damage their might be. Aloe even has cohesive effects. As a result, it can soften the skin and prevent flakiness, no matter how dry your skin.


This cute little shot pack a lot of flavor. Wellness shots are not created with taste in mind but rather prioritizing wellness and health. This wellness shot is very tart. While aloe vera doesn’t have much of a flavor, the lime juice stands out much more.


Certified Organic Raw Aloe Vera Shot

Ingredients: Aloe Vera*, Lime* (*=Organic)