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Duck Bone Broth (frozen)


Now offering Lizzy’s Organics duck bone broth with 100% certified organic ingredients, sourced locally from the Portland area. Lizzy’s Organics is a new sister company to Portland Juice Co. They share our passion for wellness and flavor, and our belief that healthy choices can be convenient and delicious. The broth comes in a frozen 32 fl. oz. container that is approximately 3 servings per container.

Out of stock

About Duck Broth

Duck bone broth with carrots, celery, onion, apple cider vinegar, bay leaves, and black peppercorns, this broth is hearty and rich in flavor. Perfect for adding to your own recipes, duck broth is a perfect base for stews, soups and risottos. This broth can also be included with one of our juice cleanses. You will find that it is an excellent source of nourishment. Packed with collagen and anti-inflammatories, this broth is a great addition to your wellness lifestyle. Our broth and it’s added ingredients have many healing properties including boosting the immune system and relieving joint pain. Similar to our other broths the duck broth helps lower blood sugar which in time can relieve symptoms for those with diabetes. Outside of our added ingredients, our duck broth itself comes with it’s own health benefits. Duck broth is known for being packed with collagen which benefits our skin and bone health. Like out other broths, duck broth is great for promoting digestion, especially when consumed warm. While broth is easy for the body to digest it also does a wonderful job repairing the gut and reducing any inflammation.


Please keep frozen until ready to consume. Do not microwave in the provided container. Once defrosted, heat on the stove until the broth is brought to a simmer. Add salt to taste, and consume within five days of thawing.