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Energy Smoothie


Ingredients: Blackberry*, Banana*, Water, Almond*, Maca Powder*, Flax Seed*, Reishi Mushroom* (*=Organic) Contains: Almond

In stock

Our berry smoothie with a healthy twist! Sweet and velvety, the Energy smoothie is a great way to start your day.

Maca Powder

Native to Peru, Maca powder has extensive health benefits. It has been shown to have fertility-enhancing properties and have the potential to prevent UV radiation to the skin and several diseases. Looking for a boost of energy without the jitters and crash of caffeine? Maca powder will help you shake off that morning fatigue as a natural source of energy and doesn’t come with all the negative side effects of caffeine! This root powder can also improve mood, memory, and stress levels. You can also find maca powder in our Balance Smoothie!

Reishi Mushrooms

Mushrooms in a smoothie! Reishi mushrooms contain all of the essential amino acids. They are also especially rich in Lysine, which is essential for growth and tissue repair. And leucine, which helps regulate blood-sugar levels and protein synthesis. They are also used as a popular supplement, utilizing their ability to boost the immune system. People receiving common cancer treatments will often supplement reishi mushrooms to reduce the side effects. There are even studies that have shown reishi mushrooms to contain anti-cancer properties. Additionally, they can help inhibit the spread of viral and bacterial infections.


This smoothie is fruity and sweet. The house-made almond butter and banana add the creaminess and thick texture we love about smoothies. The flaxseed does not affect the texture of this smoothie.


Certified Organic Energy Reishi Maca Blackberry Smoothie