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Ingredients: Water, Date*, Almond*, Coffee*, Vanilla Bean*, Nutmeg* (*=Organic) Contains: Almond

In stock

Cold brew coffee almond milk! The perfect alternative to processed sugar-packed coffee drinks that are bottled. This nut mylk is a certified organic and healthier way to get your daily dose of caffeine.

Cold Brewed Coffee

We use Equal Exchange fair trade organic coffee, and grind the beans right before we make the cold brew! The cold brew process extracts the coffee beans’ true flavor and gets rid of much of the acidity. This produces a bold, super-smooth coffee concentrate. While we don’t recommend drinking caffeine during a juice cleanse, you can still enjoy this as an alternative to processed sugar-packed coffee drinks.

Vegan Protein

We use organic California almonds and filtered water to make this delicious almond mylk in house and add a caffeine boost to your morning nut mylk! We cold press them raw for the smoothest mylk possible! Almonds can lower your risk of heart disease as well as other cardiovascular ailments. They are a great source of fats essential to heart health. Additionally, almonds are known to lower cholesterol when eaten as a substitute for other proteins. Not to mention, they are a great source of Vitamin E!


A smooth and sweet coffee almond milk for those who want to give their health and morning a boost! With hints of vanilla and nutmeg and dates to sweeten it up, you’ll find your new favorite morning coffee.


Certified Organic Cold Brew Almond Nut Milk