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Power Cleanse Broth Box


Start your Power Broth Box with a package of 5 juices, chicken broth, and 1 wellness shot per day.


The Power Cleanse is an assortment of five juices, 1 wellness shot, and Lizzy’s Organics chicken bone broth. This cleanse package is loaded with healthy fats, anti-inflammatories, and vitamin-packed greens. Aiming towards giving you the boost of energy you need, just select the 3 day or 6 day cleanse and you’re ready to go!

Lizzy’s Organics Chicken Bone Broth

Lizzy’s Organics is founded by the owners of Portland Juice Co., and uses all organic and locally sourced ingredients to curate this flavor-packed chicken bone broth. No need to add any seasoning to this broth as it is full of flavor and ready to drink. The broth comes frozen in a 32oz tub which contains three servings of broth bringing each serving to about 10.6oz per day. Keep broth frozen until ready to consume. Do not microwave in the container. To reheat the broth, thaw it out in the refrigerator, bring to a simmer in a pot on the stove. Consume broth within five days of thawing out.

Broth Cleanse

The Power Cleanse Broth Box contains Lizzy’s Organics chicken bone broth along with our carefully selected juices: Kasa, Navai, Prana, Mantra, Dharma, and a Turmeric & Lemon wellness shot. The cleanse is offered as a three or six day cleanse. When you receive your three day Power Cleanse, you will receive three of each juices and one 32oz tub of chicken broth. The broth comes to about 10.6oz per day, but feel free to do more or less depending on your body’s needs.

Vegan/Vegetarian? Just add a note in the “Order Notes” section while checking out that you would prefer our Vegan Shiitake Mushroom broth!

How does it work?

The Power Cleanse Broth Cleanse is intended to be enjoyed apart from food. Check out our How to Cleanse page for all the information you will need to maximize the results of your cleanse! Cleanse drinking order: Turmeric shot, Kasa, Navai, Prana, Mantra, Dharma, and ~10oz of broth.

**Order at least 3 days before your desired delivery or pickup day to ensure you get fresh juice, otherwise we cannot guarantee it. Please note any cleanses over 3 days will be split into 2 delivery/pickup dates to maintain the freshness of the juice.