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Ingredients: Water, Lemon*, Strawberry*, Honey*, Bee Pollen* (*=Organic)


Our vibrant, sweet, organic, and locally sourced strawberries are filled with a wide variety of vitamins and minerals that promote health and wellness. These berries are great for maintaining healthy nerve, muscle and bone function due to their potassium content. Strawberries also have vitamin C, which is a staple antioxidant. They can help to prevent inflammatory disorders and oxidative stress. Strawberries pack this juice with flavor!


Lemons are super high in vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant which strengthens the immune system. They are also a natural antiseptic, so they clear bad bacteria. Lemons have an alkalizing effect on the body, stimulate the digestive system and purify toxins in the liver.


We source our bee pollen locally and sustainably from Bee Local. Bee Pollen is one if the most nutritious foods you can eat! Pollen is rich in over 12 vitamins, almost 30 minerals, and packed with enzymes and co-enzymes. Pollen also sparks many of the body’s vital functions, boosting digestion, immunity and energy levels. It also contains all 8 essential amino acids. As a result, it is an ideal supplement for vegetarians. Amino acids can satiate food cravings and help with weight loss.


Our honey is locally and sustainably sourced from Bee Local. Raw Honey is not only a delicious natural sweetener, it is also a potent antioxidant. This means that honey can help fight the buildup of “bad” cholesterol. It also neutralizes harmful free radicals which can cause cancer. It aids in digestion and improves immune health. Because it contains small doses of local pollens, it boosts the body’s natural defense to allergens.

Certified Organic Rupa Strawberry Lemonade Juice