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Ingredients: Water, Lemon*, Strawberry*, Honey*, Bee Pollen* (*=Organic)

This organic strawberry lemonade is sweetened with honey and bee pollen making it bee-licious!

Seasonal Allergies

If you’re tired of sneezing and sniffling your way through spring, this lemonade might be your savior. All of our honey and bee pollen is sourced locally. As a result, drinking this beverage can help alleviate and prevent some of your typical seasonal allergies.  This also means it boosts your body’s natural ability to fight allergens. We source our honey and bee pollen locally and sustainably from Hummingbird Wholesale. Also, these ingredients can help those suffering from a common cold, flu, ulcers, and some forms of inflammation.


While all of our juices will quench your thirst, the Rupa is especially capable of hydrating your whole body. Strawberries contain a high water content and zero sodium. As a result, our combination of strawberries and lemon can prevent dehydration, even on the hottest days. Staying hydrated is crucial for your general health, and lemon water is sometimes known to help encourage drinking more water. This is why many add lemon wedges to their water. We utilize the same process but with so much more flavor! If you are looking for more hydration, we also recommend our Aloe and Lime Wellness Shot.


Rupa is one of our sweeter juices, with just a hint of tartness from the lemon. The honey and bee pollen helps tone down some of that tartness and leaves it with a smooth, syrup-like texture. It’s hard to go wrong with strawberry lemonade!

Certified Organic Rupa Strawberry Lemonade Juice

Ingredients: Water, Lemon*, Strawberry*, Honey*, Bee Pollen* (*=Organic)