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The Summer is our seasonal drink so get it as soon as you can because it won’t be here forever! This juice is made with 100% organic ingredients including watermelon, cucumber and a bit of lime.  We source our ingredients locally and the final juice is raw and unpasteurized. This means that we do not use the HPP method.

Out of stock


Not only is water hydrating and a embodies a summer flavor! Watermelon is one of the few food sources of dietary lycopene a great antioxidant agent. This means that watermelon is great for reducing the extent of cancer insurgence, cardiovascular disorders, diabetes and macular diseases. The lycopene is what gives watermelon that vibrant red color!


Cucumber cleanses the body from the inside out. Its compounds help remove accumulated pockets of waste materials and toxins. Additionally, they are low in calories and a great source of B vitamins. Cucumbers are also very hydrating, aiding the body in detoxification. They even have the potential to combat diabetes and are powerful antioxidants.


Not only does organic lime pack the Summer with flavor, it provides its own array of benefits. The alkaloids and essential oils in lime protect against heart, liver, bone, and urinary diseases. Lime juice also boosts antioxidant activity in your body.

Certified Organic Summer Watermelon Lime Juice