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Ingredients: Water, Pistachio*, Date*, Vanilla Bean*, Matcha*, Salt (*=Organic) Contains: Pistachio

Steady vitality and a breakfast substitute! This pistachio nut milk comes with protein and a boost of matcha energy to start your day right!

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Nutrient-rich matcha is a powdered form of green tea. It is popular for both its incredible taste and its many health benefits. It yields a higher level of vitamins, antioxidants, and chlorophyll than regularly steeped tea. While it also possesses a stronger caffeine content (as you are ingesting the actual leaves themselves grounded into a powder), its higher amino acid count helps moderate the effects. As a result, you can get a boost of energy without the negative side effects you would expect from a cup of coffee. Additionally, matcha has been studied for its ability to reduce stress. This means that a Tura in the morning can help wake you up and calm you down!

Pistachio Power

Known for their heart-healthy properties, pistachios are cholesterol and sodium free. They are also an incredible source of vital minerals such as copper, potassium, and magnesium. It only takes 2 oz. of pistachios to make up your daily value of potassium. They are great for helping maintain healthy blood pressure. Pistachios are often ranked high in health among other nuts due to their high protein content and healthy fats. Additionally, pistachios are a great source of energy! This combined with the energy from the matcha will be sure to get your day started right. We make this pistachio nut milk for a boost of protein and an added boost of energy all while giving you substantial nutrients.


While matcha is the main flavor here, there are hints of vanilla and pistachio in every sip. Smooth and creamy, the Tura is often used as cereal milk. This nut milk does have some caffeine similar to our cold brew coffee almond milk, Jiva.


Certified Organic Tura Pistachio Nut Milk