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Vitality Smoothie

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Ingredients: Banana*, Water, Spinach*, Pineapple*, Coconut Milk Powder*, Spirulina* (*=Organic) Contains: Coconut


Pineapple contains a powerful enzyme called Bromelain. This compound breaks down protein. As a result, pineapple helps with digestion. Pineapple also contains a large amount of manganese, which is essential for developing strong bones and connective tissue. The fruit is an anti-inflammatory. It reduces muscle soreness, as well as nasal swelling. Pineapple provides half of the daily-recommended value of vitamin C, according to the FDA. Vitamin C fights cell damage, making it a great helper with problems such as heart disease and joint pain.


Banana is one of the most popular fruits in the world. And we see why. Not only are they delicious, but they contain compounds that promote health and body function. Bananas are very high in potassium. This improves nerve and muscle function and helps offset the harms of excess sodium. Ever wonder why bananas are good to eat before a workout? It is because they contain complex sugars. As a result, bananas provide a sustained release of carbohydrates. Bananas are the perfect source of energy and endurance during exercise. Finally, Vitamin C supports immunity and healthy skin. And Vitamin B12 is also vital to the production of serotonin.


Not only is Spinach high in chlorophyll, it is filled with Vitamin E, an essential antioxidant that delivers a powerhouse of health benefits. It stimulates the immune systemimproves eye health, and keeps your brain cells active. It contains a lot of iron and as a result, it is a great source of energy. Spinach also contains oxalic acid, which helps to cleanse and heal the intestinal tract.


Raw coconut contains an abundance of electrolytes in its meat and water. These electrolytes help balance out fluids in your body. Basically, they make sure that your nerves, muscles, heart, and brain work as they should. Coconut is also rich in Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that combats aging and nourishes skin. Raw coconut mylk is a good source of efficient, plant based fats that are essential to the body’s health as these fats promote brain development, boost the immune system, and maintain the elasticity of blood vessels.


Blue Majik® is an organic extract of Arthrospira Platensis, a species of blue-green algae. Consumed as medicine for centuries, these algae are among the most primitive life forms on earth.  Blue Majik® fights inflammation and is a major immunity booster. This potent anti-inflammatory also lowers the production of lipids in the blood. As a result, it contributes to the prevention of cardiovascular and liver disease. Blue Majik® is also full of antioxidants, essential amino acids, fibers, B vitamins, calcium, phosphorous, and iron. Additionally, this super food protects cells against oxidative stress and improves metabolic function.

Certified Organic Vitality Spirulina Smoothie