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Same-Day Delivery

We are now offering same-day delivery! This means that if you’re relaxing at home and get that sudden urge to give your health a boost, you can start right away! Also, afternoon delivery are now available. This will allow some flexibility on your delivery day.

Afternoon and Same-Day Delivery Questions

How long will my juices be good for?

Juices will have a 1-4 day shelf life if ordered for same-day. For maximum shelf life or when ordering juice cleanses, please order your juices 3 days in advance. This is the only way to guarantee the freshest juices.

When can I expect my juices to be delivered?

We have 3 options for delivery times: ASAP, 6am-12pm, and 12pm-6pm. ASAP orders will be delivered at the next possible opportunity. If you would like a more exact delivery time, send us a text once your delivery window has started. Please bear with us, we’ll get the juice to you!

How far do you deliver?

We deliver from Battleground to Newberg, Hillsboro to Gresham. Feel free to text and check if we deliver to your zip code. If you are not currently in our delivery range, click here to submit your zip code to be considered for our next expansion.

How late can I order same-day delivery?

Same-day deliveries must be placed by noon. Next day deliveries are available until midnight. After midnight, orders will be considered same-day.