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Awakened Pumpkin Seeds


Organic Pumpkin Seeds, Non-iodized Celtic Sea Salt®

Nourishment with integrity!

Awakened® Pumpkin Seeds are raw, Organic pumpkin seeds, grown in Oregon, soaked overnight in pure water, which initiates germination and helps reduce enzyme inhibitors that make raw seeds hard to digest.

After soaking, seeds are rinsed in a very mild salt bath, using non-iodized Celtic Sea Salt®, and dehydrated at a low temperature until they reach the perfect crunchiness. Both soaking and the salt bath enhance the flavor of the raw pumpkin seeds, and dehydrating greatly increases their shelf life.

Hummingbird has been working with Oregon farmers for many years to bring this unique crop to our area. These raw Organic Pumpkin Seeds grown in Oregon are dark green and have a fresh, slightly nutty flavor. This specialized hulless seed is the Styrian variety. Styria is located in Austria and is world-renowned for its excellent seed.

Enjoy these Organic Raw Awakened® Pumpkin Seeds whenever you want a delicious, nutritious snack abounding with all the virtues of a good seed: protein, vitamin E, antioxidants, magnesium, copper, zinc and more!

What makes Hummingbird products unique?

  • Hummingbird Exclusive—We make these in small batches right here in Eugene, Oregon.
  • Made with Fair Trade, Organic, 70% Dark Chocolate that does not contain soy lecithin nor dairy ingredients!
  • Made with our Organic Hazelnuts grown in Oregon by family farmers!