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Refine Juice Cleanse $63.00$378.00
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Refine Juice Cleanse


Start your Refine Cleanse with a custom package of 5 juices, 1 nut milk, and 1 shot per day.


The Refine is our low calorie, low sugar, and extra hydrating cleanse! This cleanse has earthy flavors and was designed for those who desire a lower calorie count, and looking to eliminate unhealthy cravings. The Refine cleanse includes Tantra, Prana, Kasa, Celery, Guru, Maya, and an Aloe and Lime Shot. Just select the number of days you want to cleanse and you’re ready!

Low Calorie Cleanse

Weight loss promotion is a common theme across Western culture and we want to make sure you have a safe and effective option for a cleanse! As a result, we have created a combination of fruit and vegetable juices for those looking to start a dietary intervention. This cleanse has a combination of some of our lowest calorie juices to help you start on your weight loss journey, if that is your goal. Packed with more vegetables than fruits, it has our lowest sugar juices, making it our most savory cleanse option.

Cut Off Cravings

If you find yourself constantly fighting off cravings, this cleanse is for you! By flooding the body with the nutrients it needs and removing the excess sugars we often consume, your body will be thanking you for the sugar detox. Our juices use natural sweeteners like honey and fruits to sweeten juices instead of processed sugar. After you finish this savory cleanse, you will find yourself thinking more consciously about choosing healthier food and snack options.

How does it work?

The Refine cleanse is intended to be enjoyed apart from food. Check out our How to Cleanse page for all the information you will need to maximize the results of your cleanse! Please consult your doctor if you have any existing medical conditions before starting your juice cleanse.


**In order to receive fresh juice, please order at least 3 days before your desired delivery day or pickup day. We cannot guarantee availability or freshness of juice on same day and next day orders. Please note any cleanses over 3 days will be split into two delivery/pickup dates to maintain the freshness of the juice.