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 With the 4-A-Day juice cleanse it’s important to get in one raw meal of your choice, either lunch or dinner. This is to ensure you get your daily recommended amount of calories, and that you don’t get low on energy. Check out these recipes for some raw, tasty inspiration for your meals during your cleanse!

Raw Recipes

Big ol’ Salad Add as many raw toppings as you’d like, including raw seeds, nuts, chopped fruit/veggies, chia/flax seeds, and don’t forget to make sure the dressing is raw!

Raw Zucchini Pasta Just spiralize your zucchini and throw on a dressing/sauce of your choice! Spiralize daikon radish or beet to add extra flavor and texture to your noodles.

Raw Wrap Use collard greens as a wrap and fill it with some raw love! Make a chunky avocado + cucumber salsa, throw on some spinach and viola! Get creative with this one!

Mono Meal Try eating an entire meal of just watermelon, or just oranges. Yes, you will have to eat a lot of that one thing, but your digestive system will just have one thing to digest, and your entire system will thank you for all the raw goodness.

Raw Tacos Believe it or not, these are easier to make than real tacos. Just make your meat with some mixed nuts, food processed with some oil and spices, make a salsa and throw it all on a chard leaf and there it is!

Raw Sushi Choose raw nori or zucchini strips as to hold everything together, and have fun with the fillings! Here is where you can truly customize your sushi. And raw rice is as easy as food processing some cauliflower or jicama until it’s tiny. Then dry with a paper towel to make it fluffy and light! 

Pro Tip:

The world of raw foods is no longer one of tame flavors and lacking meals. A misconception about a raw diet is that it will lack flavor or not be satisfying. Raw chefs and foodies are transforming your favorite dishes into raw, healthy, and most importantly tasty options to benefit your cleanse. There are endless resources available online, such as Pinterest, or just Google “Raw food diet recipes”.