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Ingredients: Coconut Water*, Pineapple*, Kale*, Spinach* (*Organic) Contains: Coconut

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This green is light and refreshing! It is commonly used in our cleanses and great for when you’re craving something sweet and green!

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Kale, pineapple, and spinach are all rich in nutrients and offer a powerhouse of benefits when trying to cleanse your body. Kale is packed with antioxidants, and therefore is a natural cleansing agent. A diet high in kale can prevent chronic disease and malnutrition. Not only is spinach high in chlorophyll, it contains oxalic acid, which helps to cleanse and heal the intestinal tract. Fresh spinach heavily contributes to this juices ability to detox and cleanse the body. Pineapple contains bromelain, a powerful enzyme that breaks down protein. As a result, pineapple aids in digestion and prevents the build up of toxins in your digestive system.


A single coconut can provide an 11 ounce serving of water. It is packed with carbohydrates and electrolytes. This makes it perfect for whole body rehydration after exercise. We crack open young Thai coconuts every morning to offer this pure hydration to you in the form of this light and refreshing beverage. Many have chosen to supplement coconut water instead of their usual sports drink for post workout. This green will help fill you with electrolytes and hydration!


The coconut water and pineapple stand out the most in this juice. The veggies give it a slight green kick but most would describe this juice as a light and refreshing sweet green. It has a sweetness level between the Shanti and the Dharma.

Certified Organic Karma Green Juice