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Ingredients: Watermelon*, Cucumber*, Lime* (*=Organic)

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Nothing says Summer like some chilled watermelon juice! This Summer seasonal juice is only made in the summer months when we can source organic watermelon. It is light and refreshing and guaranteed to put you in the summer spirit.

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As we approach hotter days, our bodies will need more consistent hydration. All of the ingredients in this juice have high water contents to provide you with full body hydration. Cucumbers are an asset when you are feeling dehydrated. Their ability to rehydrate will aid the body in detoxification and give your skin a healthy glow. Also, the alkaloids and essential oils in lime can rejuvenate your skin through the hydrating processes.

Disease Prevention

Not only is watermelon hydrating and delicious, it also can reduce your risk for certain diseases! Watermelon is one of the few sources of dietary lycopene, a great antioxidant agent. This lycopene in watermelon juice is great for reducing the harmful effects of cancer insurgence, cardiovascular disorders, diabetes and macular diseases. Additionally, cucumber cleanses the body from the inside out. Its compounds help remove accumulated pockets of waste materials and toxins. As a result, it has the potential to prevent and combat diabetes.


This juice embodies a summer flavor! The watermelon and cucumber stand out the most, making this juice the perfect level of sweetness. With hints of lime, this juice is an essential for sitting out in the sun. The Summer and the Rupa are our favorite juices to enjoy on a hot day! Or try it as a popsicle with our Pluto!

Certified Organic Summer Watermelon Lime Juice