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Benefits of Raw, Local Honey

While we love to include honey and bee pollen in our juices to sweeten them up, these ingredients also have an impressive list of benefits. If you’re tired of sneezing and sniffling your way through spring, this lemonade might be your saving grace! All of our bee products are sourced locally. As a result, drinking this beverage can help alleviate and prevent some of your typical seasonal allergies.  This also means it boosts your body’s natural ability to fight allergens, especially during the spring and summer!

Hummingbird Wholesale

We source our bee products from Hummingbird Wholesale! They started as a specialty honey shop in Eugene, OR and have since expanded to supply a variety of products. However, honey and other bee products remains the heart of their business. Year-round Hummingbird provides us with 100% pure, raw, and unfiltered honey! All of their bee products are from family-owned apiaries, most all of which are right in Oregon! They have also developed a strong focus on building a sustainable food system. Not all of the bee products you’d see at your standard grocery store were sourced with sustainable practices. At Hummingbird Wholesale they work to preserve the health of the bees and the land on which they work. The care they put into taking care of their bees can be tasted in each drop of honey.

You can find these bee products in our Rupa, Navai, and Tantra.

honey and bee pollen