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Relief Juice Cleanse


The Relief is our anti-inflammatory cleanse! It is designed for those specifically looking to…


The Relief is our anti-inflammatory cleanse! It is designed for those specifically looking to fight inflammation, boost their immune system, and promote wellness the natural way. The Relief cleanse includes Tantra, Navai, Prana, Dharma, Kasa, Mudra, and a Turmeric Shot. Just select the number of days you want to cleanse and you’re ready!

Why anti-inflammatory?

This cleanse packs nature’s most powerful anti-inflammatories such as turmeric, ginger, spirulina, broccoli, radish, and more into each drink! The ingredients within each juice have a reputation for easing inflammation inside the body. As a result, you are allowing your body to protect itself from various conditions such as heart disease, arthritis, cancer, obesity, common colds, or anything else caused or promoted by inflammation. Likewise, a build up of inflammation in your body makes you more susceptible to pathogens. By consuming anti-inflammatories regularly, you can deny these pathogens the opportunity to cause your body harm. Furthermore, some other benefits of our anti-inflammatories include improved metabolism, strengthened liver, and healthier digestion.

Immune Boosting Cleanse

Turmeric is an especially powerful immune booster. Most notably, it is a major source of curcumin. This is a compound that can fight off pathogens, which are disease causing microorganisms. By adding black pepper, we are able to maximize the body’s ability to absorb the curcumin by 2000% or more! The lemon we add can also boost your immune system. It does this by clearing out bad bacteria and having a high vitamin C content. Another important aspect of the immune system is the amino acid, arginine. A diet low in arginine can leave the body vulnerable to diseases and infections. As a result, we have packed this cleanse with healthy arginine dense foods such as cashews and spirulina!

How does it work?

The Relief cleanse is intended to be enjoyed apart from food. Check out our How to Cleanse page for all the information you will need to maximize the results of your cleanse!

**Order at least 3 days before your desired delivery or pickup day to ensure you get fresh juice, otherwise we cannot guarantee it. Please note any cleanses over 3 days will be split into 2 delivery/pickup dates to maintain the freshness of the juice.