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Refuel Juice Cleanse


Start your Refuel Cleanse with a custom package of 5 juices, 1 nut milk, and 1 shot per day.


The Refuel is our natural energy and protein cleanse! If you’ve been feeling sluggish, or have an important event coming up and want to make sure you’re feeling fueled, this cleanse is for you. We also always recommend the Refuel to those following a strict exercise regime during their cleanse. The Refuel cleanse includes Dharma, Energy Smoothie*, Shanti, Guru, Mantra, Bala, and an Aloe Shot. Just select the number of days you want to cleanse and you’re ready!

Natural Energy vs. Caffeine

This cleanse focuses on giving you long-lasting and natural energy. It’s the kind of energy that will not impede on your ability to fall asleep. Rather, it will allow you to wake up feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. Instead of the morning caffeine so many of us rely on, we want to offer an alternative. This also means no post-coffee jitters or mid-day crash with this all natural energy cleanse! Some powerful energizers to highlight are apples, carrots, beets, pineapple, and hazelnuts, all of which are included in this vitalizing cleanse. Additionally, this cleanse includes our highest protein option to keep you feeling alert throughout your day!

Maca Powder

Native to Peru, Maca powder has extensive health benefits. Most notably, it has a similar structure to caffeine. As a result, maca powder will help you shake off that morning fatigue as a natural source of energy and doesn’t come with all the negative side effects of caffeine! This makes it essential in our energy-boosting cleanse! This root powder can also improve mood, memory, and stress levels. You can also find maca powder in our Balance smoothie which you can add to your cart from our Shop page!

How does it work?

The Refuel cleanse is intended to be enjoyed apart from food. Check out our How to Cleanse page for all the information you will need to maximize the results of your cleanse!

**Order at least 3 days before your desired delivery or pickup day to ensure you get fresh juice, otherwise we cannot guarantee it. Please note any cleanses over 3 days will be split into 2 delivery/pickup dates to maintain the freshness of the juice.