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Try some of our newest creations and seasonals

Cold Soups

All raw, all savory, try out our cold soups!

Nature’s Anti-inflammatories

Plant-based power! Turmeric, ginger, and broccoli are shown to have anti-inflammatory properties. Find your favorite in our selection of nature’s strongest anti-inflammatories freshly bottled up, ready to give you a boost!

Greens Galore

Enhance your choice of veggies! With a wide variety of sweet to savory, these greens are packed with essential vitamins and high in calcium.


Fruits and roots! Often overlooked, roots are powerful energizers and high in fiber!

Citrus Frenzy

Squeeze the day with one of our citrus juices! High in vitamin C to prep your body’s immune system and wonderfully refreshing at the same time.


Simple, concentrated, and powerful! A quick boost to your system with anti-inflammatory, immunity boosting, and hydrating properties. These shots are great for waking yourself up in the morning and kick-starting your metabolism.

Nut Milks

We’ve got a nut for you! Ranging in almond, cashew, pistachio, hazelnut, and coconut, there’s a nut milk for everyone. These nut milks are high in vegan protein and incredibly smooth in flavor and texture.


A handful of fruity and nutty blends whipped up into smooth and thick drinks high in natural fiber. Packed with produce, these smoothies give you the full benefits of their ingredient list!


Lizzy’s Organics bone broths hand-crafted in Portland. The broth is ready to heat up and drink, no need to add anything! Made with 100% certified organic ingredients in a 32oz pouch. Resealable and easy to pour.

Dehydrated Snacks

As a healthy alternative to snacking, these snacks are made with the pulp from our juices – all part of our greater sustainability initiative. Added to the snacks are a variety of nuts, seeds, and fruits to amplify their natural pop of flavor! All vegan, all dehydrated, all super tasty.

Ice Pops

Cool down with one of our Stellar Pop ice pops! Each resembling similar recipes as our juices but in their frozen form. A perfect addition to any sunny day or to make those cloudy days a little brighter!


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